Doctors Hospital Family Practice Center

2030 Stringtown Road, Suite 300 Grove City, OH | 614-544-0101


  • Geraldine Urse DO, FACOFP
  • Donald Furci DO, FACOFP
  • J. Todd Weihl, DO
  • Jeri O'Donnell MA, LPCC
  • Penny Lowe Business manager



The Doctors Hospital Family Practice Center has served the greater Columbus community since 1978 and the Grove City community since 1994.  Our office is a family practice residency training facility for twenty-four family practice resident physicians at Doctors Hospital, a national leader in osteopathic graduate medical education.  Our residents are licensed physicians who are in the process of completing a three year, postdoctoral training program.  The residents are supervised by three full-time and five part-time board certified osteopathic family physicians.  We also have a doctor of pharmacy and a behavioral medicine specialist who work with our patients and our resident physicians.

What is an osteopathic physician or D.O.?

Osteopathic physicians (D.O.s) are one of two fully-qualified types of physicians in the United States (the others are M.D.s). We are specially trained in the "whole person" approach to medicine, to treat people as a whole rather than as a set of symptoms. We emphasize preventive healthcare and practice osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) to offer our patients comprehensive, individualized health care.